Friday, December 30, 2011

Fit Friday

The very last Fit Friday of 2011!
Crazy, ain't it?
Hello, 2012!
(I've finally caught on to the whole it's twenty-twelve, not two thousand twelve thing. So proper)

....Anyway! Back to what I'm here for...

I've been digging this kettlebell workout from Women's Health Mag for the past two weeks.

It's so quick and so simple and I'm left feeling it for days.

BUT! before the kettlebell comes HIIT (which really burns the fat).
Ooh... Is this a two-for-one FF?
HIIT & KB? Lucky you!

This is my super simple HIIT routine:

Start with:
10 minutes easy to moderate pace

Repeat this 5-8 times:
2 minute sprint (huffing and puffing, can't talk you're running so fast)
1 minute rest (easy to moderate or uphill FAST walk)

End with:
10 minutes easy to moderate pace

I'll occasionally switch it up with an incline or mix up the intervals.
Do whatever works for you.
Be creative.
I hope you all have a wonderfully groovy New Year's weekend!
Be safe and have fun!

Thursday, December 29, 2011


 I was a late bloomer.
While nearly everyone around me had taken up the hobby of running, my big butt was glued to the couch watching re-runs of The Newlyweds on MTV.
I mean, I'd occasionally dabble in the sport of running, but it never went further than a couple [miserable] runs.
My attempts at becoming a "runner" were often road blocked by one thing or another:
too hungover from the night before, too tired from studying all night, lack of confidence, lack of motivation...
The list of excuses went on and on.
But, to be honest, a big part of me never took to running because I thought I was bad at it.
In high school, I was the punk who WALKED the mile which was a requirement for every student's annual fitness assessment.
Yeah. I would never be caught doing that today. Ah, high school.

Anyway, with the encouragement of friends (primarily my college roommate, Frankie), I made a commitment to myself to give running a chance.
Without excuses.
I wanted to be a good runner.
I knew what I had to do. I had to practice running to be a good runner.
I wasn't a natural Olympic gold medalist runner (and nor will I ever be!).
So, I started small (about 1 mile) and worked my way up to longer runs and even ran a half marathon in 2010.

BAA 10/10/10 Half Marathon

Even today, I am by no means a "great" runner, but I'm sure as hell better than I was in high school.
And I'm not even a diehard, life-long runner like my college roomie, Frances.
I'm practically a newbie in the grand scheme of things.
So, so what if I'm not running as fast as I'd like to be?
I'm RUNNING! I'm doing something ACTIVE! And it's FUN!

Looking back, running was my gateway into the world of fitness and a healthier lifestyle.
Running got me off my ass and into shape.
(There is a lot more to "getting in shape" than just running, but just the act of being active helped push me in the right direction)
 I just needed a little help from friends and a little reality check.
And after running for several years, I've accumulated a couple tips I've learned along the way that I'd like to share with you.

Just in case you too need a little help from a friend.
(or, for the seasoned runner, these are just some things I've learned along the way -- maybe they'll help you too!) 

LM's Top 10 Running Tips:
  1. Pace yourself. Start slow and gradually pick up the pace. You don't want to end up exhausted half way through your run.
  2. Invest in a good pair of sneakers, it will truly make a huge difference. If you're from the Boston area, Marathon Sports specializes in finding you the right running sneaker. Frankie recommends Fleet Feet as good resource for people outside of the Boston Area.
  3. Try running outside -- it's fun and certainly more entertaining than the treadmill. Take in all the scenery around you.
  4. Before hitting the road, map out your run with online apps like Knowing your distance before heading out will help you pace yourself and you'll be more likely to stick to your plan.
  5. If you run the same loop everyday, try switching it up. It's good to shock your body with a new running loop!
  6. Make sure your belly isn't full or empty: wait about 1-2 hours after you eat before hitting the road.
  7.  Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. It's hard at first, but after a while it becomes meditative and almost second nature. Also, inhale through your belly (not chest) when you breathe.  This article talks about belly breathing.
  8. It may seem counter-intuitive, but if you need a break, don't stop completely -- just slow down to a manageable pace.
  9. Watch your posture. Don't slouch forward, keep your head up and shoulders back, pick up your knees!
  10. If you find yourself at a brutal hill, repeat the mantra: "NOBODY BEATS YOU UP THE HILL!" (Frankie, the true diehard runner, taught me this one. Thanks Fran!)
Happy running!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Life Update: Holiday Weekend

Did you all have a fabulous holiday weekend?
I know I did
I spent lots of time with family, ate lots of food, opened lots of gifts (I was spoiled this year), and I even lit the Menorah!

 christmas eve/the aftermath/lilly/rob/christmas cioppino/
christmas morning run/lilly/christmas eve dinner/brian

Now it's back to the grind... Kind of.
Maybe not totally back to the grind until after the New Year.

Speaking of the New Year.. Have you thought about your New Year's resolution?

Friday, December 23, 2011

A Non-Fit Friday

I don't have a Fit Friday for you today, but I wanted to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy Hanukkah! 

I hope you find some time between friends and family to do something for yourself: 
practice yoga, go for a run, or take a spinning class. 
We all need to get away from the fam every now and then!


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Cheer

Merry Christmas week and happy Hanukkah!

Are you guys all pumped up for the upcoming holidays? 
I am! 
Which is totally weird because I've forever been known as the Christmas Scrooge...
But, something's different this year. 
I've put a lot of thought into my gifts and I'm even digging the occasional cheesy Christmas song.
(Maybe even a whole Christmas album. Shhh.. don't tell anyone!)

egg nog challah bread french toast / christmas cheer
In the next few weeks I'm really looking forward to...
Spending time with family and friends
Lots of good food
The family Yankee swap
Giving Rob his gift
Cooking from my new cookbook
Reading this book
Running outside in the cold 
(I don't get to run outside very often in the winter -- it's dark when I wake up and dark when I leave work)

  Oh.... And I'm also excited for my trip to Costa Rica with Rob! :)

Last night I did this kettlebell workout with some HIIT and I'm feeling it today.

Have you tried using kettlebell yet? If not, you should!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Fit Friday

I like my Fit Fridays short and sweet. 
I give you the goods and then I'm gone before you know it.

this looks fun, doesn't it? via
Anyway... I've known about kettlebells for a while now, but never really considered adding them into my usual routine. But, after I stumbled upon this post, I'm thinking about giving the cute little things a try. 
(cute? what? they kinda are!)
Check out the link, read it, digest it, do it. 
I'm gonna.
Have you tried a kettlebell routine before? What do you think?

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Question For Ya

Hi Friends, happy Thursday! 
I hope you are all well :)

I think I caught the blogging bug because I've been itching to blog ALL week. 
If I could, I'd blog every day. 
But, I'm sure you'd all get sick of my instagramed pictures, weird posts, and silly Fit Fridays.
(PS. I did this Fit Friday last night and I'm sore today. My armpits are killing me! I'll definitely be spending more time with the assisted pull up machine. That thing

Anyway, I have a long list of stuff I want to blog about, but I wanted to get your opinion. Is there something you're dying to know more about?
Nutrition? Fitness? Healthy living? Something about me?
Comment below, tweet me, facebook message me, or send me an email if you're shy.
If I have an answer or something to say in response to your question/topic, I'll be sure to blog about it!
(click on the little picture of me on the left hand side of the page to find my email)

Fit Friday coming up tomorrow, yeehaw!

So, I might've had half of this treat before dinner last week..

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


While everyone is endlessly going on about the holidays, I've been thinking about New Year's Resolutions. 

What's yours? Have you even thought about it? 
I have two: use less toilet paper and read more. 
(Is that TMI? Whatever, it's real!

I'm not even sure what the word "less" means, really. Like, only use 2 or 3 squares per wipe? I don't know about that.  Maybe I'll make it more general and change my resolution to: "be more mindful when using paper products". I mean, I know I could definitely cut back on all paper products, including printing paper (my job entails LOTS of paper. It's disturbing, actually).

Revised New Year's Resolutions: 
be more mindful when using paper products
read more often.
I like it.

Anyway. What I'm trying to say here is that you should be thinking about your New Year's Resolutions.
Think about it for a day or two... or a week...
It should be a reasonable, achievable, AND sustainable goal. 

Do your research. 
 (did you know I work in research?)

Your NYR can't be, "I want to lose 20 lbs by the end of the week". It should be more like, "I want to make an effort to work out at least twice a week" or "I plan to run at least 3 road races in 2012".
Your NYR can't be, "I'll run outside every day" if it's darker than dark outside when you wake up at 5AM and when you're done with work at 5PM. 
Make sure your NYR is plausible.

Also, consider things/events/people/feelings that could potentially keep you from achieving your NYR and come up with solutions to these "obstacles". When you have a goal, it's good to have a back-up plan just in case sh*t hits the fan. 

After you've thought it all through, create a reasonable plan and make your sweet little NYR happen.

winter sky via Rob
It takes more than just a quick thought to come up with a New Year's Resolution. 
Take some time now and think about it, plan it, and make it happen. 
You'll be happy you did come January 1st.

Monday, December 12, 2011

The Benefits of...

Fish oil!

Do you take a fish oil supplement? I just started last week and I think I'm hooked. 
Improves skin condition, increases focus, reduces risk of heart disease..... I'm in!

I'd been thinking about adding it to my daily routine after Rachel Wilkerson (one of my favorite bloggers) and Adam Bornstein at BornFitness both mentioned great things.  And after coming down with another cold I promised myself that I would take vitamin C every day, so why not add some [totally unrelated] fish oil into the mix? 
I've been using Spectrum Fish Oil but I plan to buy some higher quality product once I've finished this bottle. Adam Bornstein recommends Nordic Naturals as an "industry favorite" (pricey, but worth it!).

This website claims that fish oil can....
Ease depression
Lower cholesterol
Reduce inflammation
Eliminate joint pain
Improve skin condition (big selling point for me!)
Promote weight loss
Improve vision and focus
Reduce risk of heart disease
Reduce soreness from weight training

Some of the "benefits" seem a little far fetched and the site is not a totally reputable source, but I'm sold! 
(I thought the website was funny more than anything)

I'll keep you updated if I notice any noteworthy benefits myself.

On a completely different note, I'm beyond excited to get back into the swing of things. Last week I took it really easy and didn't work out at all. It was hard to resist the gym and yoga, but I wanted to get better as soon as possible. I went to "an hour of power" on Saturday and that was my only physical activity all week (Rob and I went for a bike ride, too, but less than a mile on a bike does not count! BUT better than nothing, I guess!).

Tonight I'll be doing some yoga and tomorrow I'm planning some HIIT and weights -- I cannot wait!!!

Here's some pics from the weekend. Rob and I got our first Christmas tree!


rob, mini, and tree
our first tree

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fit Friday........ On Saturday?

Fit Friday on a Saturday.... Say what!? 
A day late, but better late than never, right?
I'm gonna keep this short so I don't take up too much of your time on this fine fine weekend. 

So, let's get to business!

A forewarning: these videos and links are awkwardly awkward and slightly......... pornographic. The whole site is a little raunchy, but they have some good stuff!

This is a 7 minute interval routine using only your body weight. I love workouts like these.. No equipment and quick. They use an interval timer (So cool. I need it!) but any kind of watch/clock will do. 

Here's the breakdown:
7 minutes total
1 minute mountain climbers
1 minute split lunges
1 minute plank butt squeeze
50 seconds plank
1 minute reptile push ups

... pretty simple, right? 
now go on with yo bad self and work it out!
(yup, I just said that.)

(I couldn't link up the actual video like above -- too raunchy. Look and see for yourself!)

Have a good weekend!
I hope I didn't offend anyone. 
Love you all!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Fit Friday

TGIF is all I have to say about this week. 

sunsets are the only redeeming quality of my PM commute

I've been waiting all week to share this beauty. I can't wait to try it myself. 
Maybe next week. 

Timed workout:
1 mile run
100 push ups
100 squats
100 pull ups
100 squats
1 mile run

This looks tough but definitely doable! I'm thinking that I'll probably do 5 sets of 20 to break it up a little bit.
If this is too intimidating for you -- try 50 of each instead. 
It's your workout, do what works for you.

Rob and I are going to NYC this weekend and I hope we do ALL of the following: 
Dylan's Candy Bar (don't judge)
(I've been told there's actually no candy at Pete's. I'm disappointed.)
And, DUH, of course I wanna see the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree.

(Very unlikely that ALL will happen. We always tend to plan more than our schedule allows for. Wishful thinking, I guess.)

Got anything good planned for this weekend!?

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Make YOU a Priority

We all know that any type of moderation around the holidays is quickly forgotten, so it's super important to make sure being active is a priority, even if it's only for 20-30 minutes. It's SO easy to let your holiday plans interfere with your work out routine, but don't let that stop you! Make sure to set aside some you time -- make yourself and your well being a priority because you can't enjoy the good life without good health. (a little dramatic, but it's the truth!)

Anyway, with all that being said, I knew this weekend was going to be three things: filled with lots of good food and good wine, schedule-less/go with the flow (completely different than my normal weekday schedule: work then workout), and busy. I knew I had to make getting any type of physical activity my priority... 
And I did! 
AND... I ate, and I drank, and I was very merry, too!

Here's how I kept active over the long weekend: 
Tuesday: 1 hour weight training class and 30 min of HIIT
Wednesday: quick 2 mile run (I was literally running against the sunset -- MUST MAKE IT HOME BEFORE DARK! was my mantra)
Thursday: quick pre feast 3 mile run
Friday: 2 hour power yoga "detox" workshop
Sunday: skiing (not a lot -- two runs, but they were tough!)

How did you stay active during your long weekend?

Monday, November 28, 2011

Long Weekend Update

I'm alive!!

I'm sure you've all been wondering where I've been these past few days since I rudely neglected this sweet little blog!  Well, I'm happy to report I've been up to lots of fun things and I've got some photo documentation to prove it!  (mostly all Instagramed (follow me @ laura_remy!)... in all different filters, so please pardon the lack of organization and artistic creativity)

I took Wednesday off from work to help prepare for Thanksgiving. Mom and I went shopping, cooked, and spent some quality mother-daughter time together.
Hi Mommy!
 Thursday was the day of feasting. We ate a lot and were very, very merry!


Friday was my 5-year high school reunion and all I can say is that I paid for it on Saturday. Typically, I stick to one or two drinks and save anything more for special occasions. Let's just say Saturday was pure torture. 
(It was actually Rob's reunion, too -- we went to high school together. Cute, right? But seriously, it was nice to have him there with me because I am queen of awkward and he'll talk to anyone who'll listen.)

Isn't Rob so handsome!? (pardon the red eye. thanks)

Saturday Rob and I went up to Vermont for the season's first ski trip. We stayed at the Clay Brook Residences which is right at the base of the mountain. One word: amazing. This place was gorgeous and the people were unbelievably accommodating. I didn't want to leave. 

Trying to be artsy with this one....
Sunday was shred day! We picked up our ski passes and took a couple runs down the ol' mountain. There were only 2 trails open, so we weren't there for long, but, needless to say, it felt awesome to be back in skis.

Rob refused to smile so I decided to be scary... It made sense at the time?

 And today, I'm back to the daily grind. 

PS. Happy Cyber Monday! Where are all the good deals this year?!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Eve

Hi Friends, it's Thanksgiving Eve! 

new glasses via warby parker

I took today off to help my mama prep for turkey day festivities. We've been cooking up a storm here: so far we've got some roasted carrots and parsnips, brussel sprouts with red grapes, roasted butternut squash with sage and garlic, and blueberry and pumpkin pies. I can't wait to catch up with family and friends and feast on delicious food!

Hope you all have a peaceful Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 21, 2011

A Very Veggie Thanksgiving

If you don't already know: I'm a vegetarian.

Well, actually, I'm a pescetarian. I don't eat red meat or poultry but I do eat fish, eggs, and dairy. I've been a vegetarian (pescetarian, whatever) for over two years and this is my second Thanksgiving as a vegetarian. In my two years as a veggie, I've noticed that it's usually around the holidays when people start to get weary of my dietary choices: What do you eat? Aren't you gonna starve? You can't be full! You need some turkey on your plate…

Actually, I'll have lots of veggies, I won't starve, I will most definitely be very full, and I'll pass on the turkey, thank you.

Last year, I kept it pretty simple with lots of veggie side dishes and no main protein. This year, my mom announced that she's "not making a tofurkey or whatever you call it", which is totally fine because: a. I'm not even remotely interested in a tofurkey, and b. I don't expect anyone to accommodate my somewhat unconventional diet (something that comes with being a vegetarian). So, I'm on my own for prepping a vegetarian option. I was thinking about doing something a little special -- adding a little class to my sans turkey Thanksgiving plate with this recipe:

Roasted Salmon with Cranberry-Mustard Sauce

I hope mine looks as delicious as this! via
The cranberries were definitely the selling point for me.

What do you have planned for Thanksgiving? Are you a vegetarian or do you have any vegetarians in your family? What do you/they do on this turkey filled holiday?

Friday, November 18, 2011

Fit Friday

It's time for Fit Friday again, Friends! 

What do you have going on for the weekend? I don't have much planned yet -- maybe some hot yoga and a bike ride around the city? And, maybe, if I'm lucky enough, Rob will take me out on a date! Anyway, enough about me....

As promised, a workout inspired post for our Fit Friday:

This video is from Sarah, the creator of The Sarah Fit Blog. She produces some pretty great workout YouTube videos featuring workouts for all areas of the body. You should check her out! I've used many of her videos before and I can say that I personally use these exercises in my workout routine. Enjoy!

PS. I "taste tested" the bake-off brownies last night -- they're pretty good, but I have some serious competition (funfetti cake pops?!?). I'll be sure to keep you updated via Twitter!

Have a groovy weekend!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bake-Off Domination

Sooo... There's an office bake-off tomorrow and I've decided that I'm gonna try and win it.  

Say whaaat? Yep, that's right. I'm feeling pretty competitive about this thing and I'm determined to beat out the undefeated reigning champion... The competition is stiff (she's a serious baker)! I had to come up with something good to win over the people's votes, so I browsed the interweb and I've finally settled on this gem:

Whoa, right?  I would never make something like this on my own, but in the spirit of competition, I'm going all out. It's all or nothing, baby. The recipe looks simple enough for a Thursday night and hopefully it's something the whole office will enjoy. I should bring some red wine milk to pair with the brownies (pairing.. how epicurean of me)...

Do you think I can do it? I'm kind of doubting my ability to win with only brownies, but I have feeling these are better than just an ordinary brownie. I mean, they have ice cream in them -- that's awesome! But, I guess it wouldn't be terrible if I didn't win; leftover cookies and cream Oreo fudge brownies are a damn good consolation prize.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


What's your kryptonite?? You know, the one thing that you just can't say no to.. Mine is chocolate. Chocolate is my crack. Yup, I'm an addict.

To me, it doesn't get any better than dark chocolate with some almonds. Wine, salty snacks, cookies, pie…. No thanks, I'll pass. But if you kindly offered me some chocolate, I'd totally dig in. But, I won't go overboard because I know it's a "treat" -- not something to OD on (except for that one time -- Frankie and Shane -- where I ate so much I made myself sick... Vacation got the best of me. Lesson learned). I'm all about giving your body what it's craving and not depriving it of what it wants. But you have to be careful to not to go overboard because there's a fine line between having a couple bites and completely overdoing it. And I'll be the first one to admit that it takes a helluva lot of self-control to stop after a only couple bites.

I'm not perfect, and, often times I'll catch myself over indulging, but here are my three tips to help you from having one too many bon bons:

1. Be conscious of your thoughts/cravings. Realize that if you eat that whole pile of french fries, you're probably going to regret it. Have a couple and then focus your attention elsewhere. Start an interesting conversation with whomever you're eating with, stare at the stranger next to you, get up and go to the bathroom, stick a piece of gum in your mouth.... You'll be happy you did.

2.  Take a serving and put the rest away. DON'T bring out the whole bag of cookies, put them right down in front of you, and start munching away.  You'll be sorry later!

3. Ask yourself how badly you want it. Is the craving just something you want right now or will you get over it in a minute? Lately, I've noticed that I crave sweet things when I'm dehydrated. I'll have a couple glasses of water and instantly feel better. If the craving is real, have a couple bites and move on.

Have any other helpful tips? Share below!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Back At It

So after two weeks of "taking it easy" I'm finally back to my old routine. I was pulling 50 hour work weeks with some kinda gross sickness. By last Friday, I was burnt out. For realz. But I've taken some time to rest and now I'm feeling good. No more 10 hour work days, getting home at 9, eating dinner at 930 and going to bed at 10. Booooring (and depressing!). Anyway, I'm hoping my little "break" will be beneficial. Some of my best workout days (is that silly to say?) were after extended breaks. Maybe it's because my body was well rested… or maybe it was because I knew I had to work extra hard after falling off the wagon for a couple days. I'll never know.  This week I've got spinning, hot yoga, weight training, and some HIIT in my line up (sounds like work out ADD, huh!?). Not gonna lie, kinda excited about spinning!

PS. Here's a pic from my weekend: (pardon the chapped lips and Rob wiping his nose -- it was cold and windy that day!)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Fit Friday

It's our second Fit Friday peeps! Get excited!

This week's FF is about FOOD and DIETING. Love food, hate dieting (maybe hate's the wrong word.... I just don't believe it that shizz). (Side note: did you know I wasn't allowed to use the word "hate" growing up? It's a strong word that should be used for when you really mean it. Something to think about right there)

A [very smart] coworker lead me to this article after I was complaining to her that I was having a "hungry day" ("I've eaten everything in sight and I can't stop!!" were probably the exact words out of my mouth). You know those days where you just can't.stop.eating -- everything in site... down the hatchet! ...What's next?! Anyway, she read me these 10 nuggets of knowledge that she had printed out and placed by her computer (genius). Many of the tips are things I already know but haven't been so smart as to actually write them down (nevermind writing them so thoughtfully). If you have a hot minute you should read the article. It's great. If not, just read the list below.... It's great, too.

10 Steps Toward Making Peace With Food: 

  1. Eat what you love. All foods can fit into a healthy diet using the common sense principles of balance, variety, and moderation to guide your eating.
  2. Love what you eat. Slow down and eat mindfully, without distractions.
  3. Value quality over quantity.
  4. Small, sustainable improvements in your eating are more effective than a drastic, temporary overhaul.
  5. Use nutrition information as a tool, not a weapon.
  6. Choose the healthiest option that won't leave you feeling deprived.
  7. Don't expect yourself to eat perfectly -- it's not possible or even necessary.
  8. When guilt is no longer a factor, common sense will prevail.
  9. Accept that you'll sometimes regret the choices you make. Learn from your experiences.
  10. Exercise for healthy and energy, not to earn the right to eat or pay penance for eating a "bad food."
Oh, and if you're interested in reading more of Marcia Reynolds stuff, click here. If you haven't noticed already, she's a really smart lady.

Have a groovy weekend, lovelies! 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Like There's No Tomorrow

Friends! Guess what I'm doing tonight?!

I'm getting pumped for the 2012 ski season with the highly anticipated, Like There's No Tomorrow, Warren Miller film! Have you heard of this awesomeness before? Well, you best Google it, (or... just watch the video below) because it's pretty darn awesome. Every season Warren Miller compiles a bunch of extreme skiing clips to complete one hugely exhilarating film. (I sound like such a dweeb. Oh well.)

I'm not nearly as intense and extreme as these people, but it's so fun to watch!


How cool would it be if this was your day job? "Extreme skier" --- I'd take it!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What's Your Sign?

Do you believe in all that metaphysical stuff? In college I would religiously read my horoscope and I even believed that some astrological signs were more compatible together than others. Literally. If a guy told me he was a Leo, I would instantly lose interest. Terrible! Today I'm not nearly as interested as I was -- I can hardly remember the last time I read my horoscope. But last night my yoga teacher mentioned something that got me thinking about all that metaphysical stuff again. So, of course, I read my horoscope today and I think it's pretty relevant!

Today's AQUARIUS 'scope: As long as you stay calm and stick to basics, you will have ample time to accomplish your goals. An unusual turn of events will lead to a profitable ending. Love is in the stars, and celebrating should be your plan.

Do you read your horoscope daily or do you believe in the metaphysical?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cough Cough Sniff Sniff


You know how I know winter's coming (other than the colors of the leaves changing)?? I know winter's on its way when I get that obligatory annoying cold that's uninvitingly become a right of passage into the colder months. It's awful: runny nose, sore throat, coughing.... And, of course, all the icing on the cake -- tied to a box of tissues, labeled "The Sick Kid" in the office, people avoid you like the plague... Yeah.

It was my goal to avoid getting sick this winter, but that didn't last long because the second the words "I will not get sick this winter" left my mouth..... I got sick (literally).  I'm starting to get pretty restless with minimal workouts and easy runs, so I need to get better soon!

New goal: don't get sick twice in one winter. Let's see if it I can do it!

Do you have any cold remedies that you live by? How do you deal with getting sick and working out? Help!