Monday, December 12, 2011

The Benefits of...

Fish oil!

Do you take a fish oil supplement? I just started last week and I think I'm hooked. 
Improves skin condition, increases focus, reduces risk of heart disease..... I'm in!

I'd been thinking about adding it to my daily routine after Rachel Wilkerson (one of my favorite bloggers) and Adam Bornstein at BornFitness both mentioned great things.  And after coming down with another cold I promised myself that I would take vitamin C every day, so why not add some [totally unrelated] fish oil into the mix? 
I've been using Spectrum Fish Oil but I plan to buy some higher quality product once I've finished this bottle. Adam Bornstein recommends Nordic Naturals as an "industry favorite" (pricey, but worth it!).

This website claims that fish oil can....
Ease depression
Lower cholesterol
Reduce inflammation
Eliminate joint pain
Improve skin condition (big selling point for me!)
Promote weight loss
Improve vision and focus
Reduce risk of heart disease
Reduce soreness from weight training

Some of the "benefits" seem a little far fetched and the site is not a totally reputable source, but I'm sold! 
(I thought the website was funny more than anything)

I'll keep you updated if I notice any noteworthy benefits myself.

On a completely different note, I'm beyond excited to get back into the swing of things. Last week I took it really easy and didn't work out at all. It was hard to resist the gym and yoga, but I wanted to get better as soon as possible. I went to "an hour of power" on Saturday and that was my only physical activity all week (Rob and I went for a bike ride, too, but less than a mile on a bike does not count! BUT better than nothing, I guess!).

Tonight I'll be doing some yoga and tomorrow I'm planning some HIIT and weights -- I cannot wait!!!

Here's some pics from the weekend. Rob and I got our first Christmas tree!


rob, mini, and tree
our first tree


Hannah said...

Laura- Matt has been taking fish oil every day for about 4 years now. He swears by it. He takes it in addition to a daily multi vitamin. At one point he was buying the super expensive stuff that you mentioned, but its pricey and they sent him it and charged his card without his permission so he moved on to drug store fish oil. He has not noticed a huge difference with cheaper version. ALSO- at one point he ran out and didn't buy it for a couple of weeks and the first thing he noticed was that his skin got worse.

Sari said...

Jose has been taking fish oil for as long as I've known him... he never misses a day! I've been contemplating starting to take it for a while now, but keep putting it off this girl a couple years ago told me some people could break out if they start taking it... have you ever heard this before? I would like to start taking it, but definitely don't want to start breaking out!

Any thoughts?

Laura said...

Hi Sarina! Thanks for commenting! :)

I haven't noticed anything unusual yet. I'm taking it mostly because my skin gets SO dry in the winter. Fish oil is supposed to help regulate your skin's oil production, so I'm not sure how that would cause a breakout? (maybe overproduction of oil causing breakouts? idk) I think that if you were to notice anything that it would resolve itself pretty quickly (your body would adjust to any imbalances), but that's just my opinion.

I'd say give it a month and if you don't like it, stop taking it.. I mean, it can't hurt and breakouts go away!