Monday, November 28, 2011

Long Weekend Update

I'm alive!!

I'm sure you've all been wondering where I've been these past few days since I rudely neglected this sweet little blog!  Well, I'm happy to report I've been up to lots of fun things and I've got some photo documentation to prove it!  (mostly all Instagramed (follow me @ laura_remy!)... in all different filters, so please pardon the lack of organization and artistic creativity)

I took Wednesday off from work to help prepare for Thanksgiving. Mom and I went shopping, cooked, and spent some quality mother-daughter time together.
Hi Mommy!
 Thursday was the day of feasting. We ate a lot and were very, very merry!


Friday was my 5-year high school reunion and all I can say is that I paid for it on Saturday. Typically, I stick to one or two drinks and save anything more for special occasions. Let's just say Saturday was pure torture. 
(It was actually Rob's reunion, too -- we went to high school together. Cute, right? But seriously, it was nice to have him there with me because I am queen of awkward and he'll talk to anyone who'll listen.)

Isn't Rob so handsome!? (pardon the red eye. thanks)

Saturday Rob and I went up to Vermont for the season's first ski trip. We stayed at the Clay Brook Residences which is right at the base of the mountain. One word: amazing. This place was gorgeous and the people were unbelievably accommodating. I didn't want to leave. 

Trying to be artsy with this one....
Sunday was shred day! We picked up our ski passes and took a couple runs down the ol' mountain. There were only 2 trails open, so we weren't there for long, but, needless to say, it felt awesome to be back in skis.

Rob refused to smile so I decided to be scary... It made sense at the time?

 And today, I'm back to the daily grind. 

PS. Happy Cyber Monday! Where are all the good deals this year?!


Mom said...

Nice to see you with a helmet, finally! I love your family Thanksgving pics, they came out great.

Frances said...

Rob, why so serious!?

Looks like a fun weekend. My mouth is watery as I look at your Thanksgiving dinner plate!