Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Back At It

So after two weeks of "taking it easy" I'm finally back to my old routine. I was pulling 50 hour work weeks with some kinda gross sickness. By last Friday, I was burnt out. For realz. But I've taken some time to rest and now I'm feeling good. No more 10 hour work days, getting home at 9, eating dinner at 930 and going to bed at 10. Booooring (and depressing!). Anyway, I'm hoping my little "break" will be beneficial. Some of my best workout days (is that silly to say?) were after extended breaks. Maybe it's because my body was well rested… or maybe it was because I knew I had to work extra hard after falling off the wagon for a couple days. I'll never know.  This week I've got spinning, hot yoga, weight training, and some HIIT in my line up (sounds like work out ADD, huh!?). Not gonna lie, kinda excited about spinning!

PS. Here's a pic from my weekend: (pardon the chapped lips and Rob wiping his nose -- it was cold and windy that day!)

1 comment:

Abby said...

Cute pics, lady!

Love your workouts! I think I'm going to try birkim this weekend. then you and I can be yoga buddies :)