Friday, December 30, 2011

Fit Friday

The very last Fit Friday of 2011!
Crazy, ain't it?
Hello, 2012!
(I've finally caught on to the whole it's twenty-twelve, not two thousand twelve thing. So proper)

....Anyway! Back to what I'm here for...

I've been digging this kettlebell workout from Women's Health Mag for the past two weeks.

It's so quick and so simple and I'm left feeling it for days.

BUT! before the kettlebell comes HIIT (which really burns the fat).
Ooh... Is this a two-for-one FF?
HIIT & KB? Lucky you!

This is my super simple HIIT routine:

Start with:
10 minutes easy to moderate pace

Repeat this 5-8 times:
2 minute sprint (huffing and puffing, can't talk you're running so fast)
1 minute rest (easy to moderate or uphill FAST walk)

End with:
10 minutes easy to moderate pace

I'll occasionally switch it up with an incline or mix up the intervals.
Do whatever works for you.
Be creative.
I hope you all have a wonderfully groovy New Year's weekend!
Be safe and have fun!

1 comment:

Hillary [Nutrition Nut on the Run] said...

this workout sounds killer!! love KBs + HIIT!