Friday, November 18, 2011

Fit Friday

It's time for Fit Friday again, Friends! 

What do you have going on for the weekend? I don't have much planned yet -- maybe some hot yoga and a bike ride around the city? And, maybe, if I'm lucky enough, Rob will take me out on a date! Anyway, enough about me....

As promised, a workout inspired post for our Fit Friday:

This video is from Sarah, the creator of The Sarah Fit Blog. She produces some pretty great workout YouTube videos featuring workouts for all areas of the body. You should check her out! I've used many of her videos before and I can say that I personally use these exercises in my workout routine. Enjoy!

PS. I "taste tested" the bake-off brownies last night -- they're pretty good, but I have some serious competition (funfetti cake pops?!?). I'll be sure to keep you updated via Twitter!

Have a groovy weekend!

1 comment:

Sarina said...

Lau- Where you taking hot yoga? I want in! :)