Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Make YOU a Priority

We all know that any type of moderation around the holidays is quickly forgotten, so it's super important to make sure being active is a priority, even if it's only for 20-30 minutes. It's SO easy to let your holiday plans interfere with your work out routine, but don't let that stop you! Make sure to set aside some you time -- make yourself and your well being a priority because you can't enjoy the good life without good health. (a little dramatic, but it's the truth!)

Anyway, with all that being said, I knew this weekend was going to be three things: filled with lots of good food and good wine, schedule-less/go with the flow (completely different than my normal weekday schedule: work then workout), and busy. I knew I had to make getting any type of physical activity my priority... 
And I did! 
AND... I ate, and I drank, and I was very merry, too!

Here's how I kept active over the long weekend: 
Tuesday: 1 hour weight training class and 30 min of HIIT
Wednesday: quick 2 mile run (I was literally running against the sunset -- MUST MAKE IT HOME BEFORE DARK! was my mantra)
Thursday: quick pre feast 3 mile run
Friday: 2 hour power yoga "detox" workshop
Sunday: skiing (not a lot -- two runs, but they were tough!)

How did you stay active during your long weekend?

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Sarina said...

The weekends are tough to stay active! I'm so busy trying to do the things I couldn't do during the work week! But I always make sure to hit the gym hard on Mondays when I am back. I run a couple of miles and either weight lift or do some super sets.