Wednesday, November 16, 2011


What's your kryptonite?? You know, the one thing that you just can't say no to.. Mine is chocolate. Chocolate is my crack. Yup, I'm an addict.

To me, it doesn't get any better than dark chocolate with some almonds. Wine, salty snacks, cookies, pie…. No thanks, I'll pass. But if you kindly offered me some chocolate, I'd totally dig in. But, I won't go overboard because I know it's a "treat" -- not something to OD on (except for that one time -- Frankie and Shane -- where I ate so much I made myself sick... Vacation got the best of me. Lesson learned). I'm all about giving your body what it's craving and not depriving it of what it wants. But you have to be careful to not to go overboard because there's a fine line between having a couple bites and completely overdoing it. And I'll be the first one to admit that it takes a helluva lot of self-control to stop after a only couple bites.

I'm not perfect, and, often times I'll catch myself over indulging, but here are my three tips to help you from having one too many bon bons:

1. Be conscious of your thoughts/cravings. Realize that if you eat that whole pile of french fries, you're probably going to regret it. Have a couple and then focus your attention elsewhere. Start an interesting conversation with whomever you're eating with, stare at the stranger next to you, get up and go to the bathroom, stick a piece of gum in your mouth.... You'll be happy you did.

2.  Take a serving and put the rest away. DON'T bring out the whole bag of cookies, put them right down in front of you, and start munching away.  You'll be sorry later!

3. Ask yourself how badly you want it. Is the craving just something you want right now or will you get over it in a minute? Lately, I've noticed that I crave sweet things when I'm dehydrated. I'll have a couple glasses of water and instantly feel better. If the craving is real, have a couple bites and move on.

Have any other helpful tips? Share below!

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Abby said...

Chocolate is definitely my weakness too. Usually if I'm really craving it, I just give in and move on, like you said.

I also do the water trick - drink a few glasses, or eat some crushed ice - until I forget about the craving :)