Friday, November 4, 2011

Fit Friday

Fit Friday! Do you like it? I think it might become a regular thing… What do you think?! It kind of seems counter-intuitive; nothing about Friday says, "I'm dying to work out after a 40+ hour week". If you are, A: good for you and B: I need some of what you're smoking! But, chances are, you're probably like, "TGIF! I'm gettin' me a drank after work!". Whether you're motivated or thirsty, use Fit Friday for Friday workout inspiration or next week's workout inspiration.

Let me warn you now: many of these will not be my original creations. They'll most likely be where/what I get inspiration from (i.e., blogs, websites, magazines), but I'm sure I'll occasionally throw in something that my awesome brain came up with.

So, for today, our very first Fit Friday (yay!)… I'm sharing something I found last night that I'm totally going to utilize. The October issue of  Women's Health Magazine showcased some awesome 15-minute workouts for arms, legs, and abs. Today I'm sharing arms and legs. The two workouts are appropriately named "the skinny jeans" and "bye bye arm jiggle" workouts -- oh how I wish I could be that clever. (Tip: I like to print out these workout "sheets" and bring them to the gym with me so I have something to reference if I'm not totally sure on how each workout is done)

Enjoy and have a groovy weekend! :)

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