Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Work it Out

This is a health & wellness blog, so I guess I should probably start blogging about some "health" stuff, right? I'll start with what my workout schedule is usually like... Fun, right?!

Weekdays are KEY in my workout schedule. I'm literally chomping at the bit to do anything active after sitting in a cubicle for 8+ hours. I've realized that physical activity after a long day really keeps me sane and, without it, I would be totally miz. No matter how tired (or hungry) I am, I always make it to the gym or yoga after work - ALWAYS. Because I know that I'll always regret not working out but I'll never regret getting off my butt and into the gym.

Are you having fun yet?!

Weekends I'm usually pretty lax about my workout schedule, but I try to do something active at least one day out of the two. I would actually prefer to work out both days but, for some reason, I just can't get my butt in gear -- I'm human, not a robot! I actually find it harder to work out on the weekends;  I think it has something to do with the lack of a concrete schedule. I should make a better effort to be active on the weekends (New Years Res, anyone?). Sometimes Rob and I will go hiking, biking, or some other kind of physical activity (skiing........ winter is coming! And we got season passes!!).
winter 2011 shredding (PS. I know, I'm not wearing a helmet. I got one for this season though!)

And I'll end this gem with a special gift for you... You're welcome :)

Lessons I've Learned on Working Out While Employed:
- Make working out a priority -- shopping isn't as important as your health. Remember that! 
- Try to be active as often as possible - you'll never regret it!
- Plan your workouts to fit your schedule -- you're more likely to follow through with what works for you, not someone else (i.e., if you're a morning person, you might like working out in the AM better than at night).
- If you're working out at night, be sure to prepare dinner the night (or weekend) before so you're not too tired to prepare a healthy meal when you get home.
- Bring your gym/yoga/running/etc. stuff with you to work (or whatever you're doing that day) so you can go directly do the gym - no stops required.
- Pack said stuff the night before so you don't forget in the AM
- If you're usually pretty hungry after work, bring a snack or pack some gum. I've found that gum is a pretty good appetite suppressant when you don't have enough time to eat before your workout sesh.
- If it's impossible to squeeze some kind of physical activity into your day, don't beat yourself up about it -- just don't forget about it and make it a priority to go the next day.

Sorry for the novel, I hope you're not mad! Do you have any tips for work out success? Do share!

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