Thursday, January 12, 2012

Life After Pura Vida

Finally, I'm back!
Why is it that you always need a vacation after a vacation?
I spent most of this week catching up on work and life.
And now I'm exhausted.
But life goes on...
And the weekend is in sight!

I'm not sure if it's the exhaustion or what but, I've been struggling to write this "vacation" post since I got back.
I have 5 different drafts and several different ideas on how to communicate/display/post it all.
I really can't make up my mind.
So, I'm gonna stop wasting time and share a few pictures today and maybe some more tomorrow.
I hope that's okay with you?

 1- we weren't able to go hiking (huge bummer), so we zip lined!
2/3- fishing/snorkeling/sunset cruise. i think this was rob's favorite part of the trip. if there's an open bar and free food, he's there!
4- we took some yoga beach pics. i'll share more tomorrow... maybe.
5- fishing is a nightly ritual for the Ticos of the surrounding villages. they used a tin can and fishing wire to catch their dinner.
6- on the second night i treated myself to a piƱa colada at happy hour. it.was.amazing. (and gone in seconds.)

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