Friday, January 20, 2012

Fit Friday

Yesterday I received a special request for a Fit Friday topic.
Can I tell you how psyched I was when someone actually ASKED me to blog about something!?!??
It pretty much
awkward attempt at an arm pic..?
 The special request was arms.
Hot, sexy, lean, toned arms.
NOT steroid, gym rat status, arms.
Somewhere between Kirstie Alley and Kelly Rippa.
....But, probably more towards Kelly Rippa... Because she's cute.

So, arms it is!

First and foremost: drop the light weights.
Did you drop them?
Ok, good. Now find the HEAVY weights.
heavy weights = zexy arms.
Seriously, do not x-out of this post or dismiss me completely because I'm telling you to use heavy weights!!!
You need muscle for tone and definition and the only way to build that muscle is heavy weights.
Heavy weights DO NOT = big, dude-like, grossly toned arms.
It takes years to develop huge muscles like those women you see at the gym.
You will not be heavy weight status by lifting 6-12.5lb dumbbells 3-4x/week in combination with HIIT.
But, you will have sexy and toned arms!

Okay, so "heavy" is a relative term -- if you're in moderate shape, start with 6-10lbs.
I started with 6s, quickly moved to 7s and 8s, and now I use 12.5lbs.
I was a newbie though, and I didn't figure this all out until later..
So start around 8, feel it out, and then adjust accordingly.
The last couple reps should be HARD.
Like you got that angry weight lifter face going on.
Veins poppin, mean muggin, gruntin it's so heavy.
Ok, maybe not grunting, but you get the idea.
hahahaha, i had to
Have I convinced you yet?
If you're still not convinced, you should read this and this.
And even if I have convinced you, you should still read those little nuggets -- lady's a professional.

Personally, I don't have a specific "routine"  for arms, I just have a bunch of exercises that I prefer.
I choose 5-6 of these exercises for 3 sets of 10-15 reps with 12.5lb DBs and combine with 40+ minutes of HIIT (HIIT newbies should do less) OR I'll do 3 sets of 10-15 reps of 5-6 exercises before/after spinning (the class I take can be defined as a form of HIIT).
I know, I sound like a broken record, but I really do believe that HIIT is vital for weight and fat loss.
So seriously, don't skip your interval training.

Here's my arm faves:
the tricep push up
biceps curl (obviously)
21s biceps curl (I use weights, but resistance bands are cool)
alternating shoulder press (and non-alternating, too)
hammer curl
reverse fly
skull crusher on stability ball
armpit fat? watch this!
and, I've never tried this, but it looks fun! T row

I feel like I should also mention food in this post, because you don't want to gain weight and build muscle.
In my own experiences, I've found eating clean to be very helpful when combined with weight training.
Eating clean means no preservatives, no chemicals, nothing you can't pronounce.
I'm no expert at clean eating, but it's definitely something I keep in mind on a daily basis.
I find the easiest way to eat clean is to cook your own food. 
Make your breakfast, lunch, and dinner so you know exactly what's going into your body.
Also, I'm a fruit and vegetable crack head (did I cross the line?).
Eat your fruits and veggies, peeps!!!

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Frances said...

Yay! Thanks Lo! Maybe you can use another pass at my gym and show me in person!

Love you xo