Monday, February 6, 2012

Win-Win Situation

Look what I got myself for my birthday....
Oh yeaaah. A book all about lifting for women.

The amount of excitement I have for this book makes me feel extra nerdy, but I don't care -- 
this stuff is cool, this stuff is interesting.
But when Rob asked, "don't you ever get sick of reading about all this fitness stuff?", it occurred to me that this book (or any book similar to New Rules) isn't for everyone.  
But then I got to thinking... 
There's an opportunity here -- 
I do my nerdy thing with the book, find the good stuff, and then blab about it on the blog. 
What do you think?! 
I think this sounds like a win-win situation for everyone!


1 comment:

Frances said...

Hey! I am excited for you to blab about the good stuff!

Make sure you share!