Friday, February 3, 2012

Fit Friday

Portions.... Boring, but important!

Controlling portions is a great way to lose weight without depriving yourself, but studies have shown that people often overestimate portions during mealtime. 
And I'm no exception:
I pile on the food and eat it all so quickly that I fail to realize maybe only half of the plate would have been enough.
Needless to say, portioning is definitely one of my weaker points when it comes to watching what I eat, but I've found that eyeballing portion sizes is easier when referencing tangible objects like baseballs and light bulbs. And after a while, it becomes second nature. 
So next time you're piling on the rice or pasta, think about baseballs!

And since I've been MIA lately, here's a peak at what I've been up to...
 1- Rob and I went skiing in Vermont last weekend with his family... So much fun!
2- My sweet mama treated me to a salon session for my birthday. I'm normally a long hair kinda gal, but the upkeep has been driving me crazy. Hopefully the shorter locks will cut down on dry time.
3- this week was filled with lots of salads and lots of veggies

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