Thursday, October 27, 2011


Do you challenge yourself enough? I don't, but I know I should. I even know that people who take risks and challenge themselves are always more successful than those who don't and I still find myself complacent with certain things in my life (grad school and blogging are two specific examples). So what's the deal? Am I scared? Afraid of failure?

Someone once told me, "you can't live in fear", and it really resonated. You can't live in fear -- you have to live life with a fearless mentality. I even take it one step further and often use the word shameless. You have to be SHAMELESS to get places in life. You want that promotion? Be shameless. You want that smokin' hot guy to be your boyfriend? Be shameless. Of course this "be shameless" ramble should be used within reason. After your first day at work you're not going to ask for a promotion and after one date you most certainly shouldn't presume that the guy will be your boyfriend. But what do you have to lose? If your boss says "no, you're crazy", ask how to improve your performance. And… If the guy's not into being your BF, then see ya later, it wasn't going to work anyway.

And after all that preachy talk I'm taking my own advice and starting up this sweet little thing right here.  Do you know how long it took me to actually START this blog? I’d been tossing around the idea of a blog for a while now, and at one time I even thought the whole “blog” thing really wasn’t for me. I thought blogs were like movies: fun to watch, but not something I would want to recreate myself (producing a movie does not sound appealing at all.. Dealing with celebs? I don’t think so). But through all my blogging doubts, this crazy force came over me and one day I finally decided to take the big plunge into the blogosphere. Of course, it wasn’t long after setting up my account and finding the perfect URL when the panic set in: What am I going to write about? Who do I think I am writing a blog about being fit? Will people like me? How will I capture my audience? Blah blah blah blah blah. I could go on for days. BUT here I am… blogging. Blogging because I want to. For fun. For me.. And hopefully other people will enjoy!

So I challenge YOU to do something out of your comfort zone. Set a goal, establish a plan, and

Ready… Set…. GO!

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Elina (Healthy and Sane) said...

Welcome to the blogger community... it's a great one!
Glad you faced your fears and went for it. You'll never know where it may take you until you try :)